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Kate King Event at Northern Lights Sat Oct 14th thru Tues Oct 17th 2017

Kate King Vibrational Jewelry Event at Northern Lights
4 Days Only:
Sat Oct 14 - Tues Oct 17th
Call today to reserve your session with Kate!
(970) 229-9167 

Exciting New Gemstones and New Styles!   
We are happy to announce that Kate King, creator of Kate King Vibrational Jewellery will be here at Northern Lights October 14th through October 17th with her newest collection of extraordinary jewelry.  For these 4 days Kate will be offering one-on-one sessions featuring Kate's Personal Vibrational Analysis designed to match you with the pendant(s) that will harmonize and balance your energy field resulting in greater vitality, health, focus, creativity, joy and abundance. Don't miss this special opportunity to build your personal Vibrational Jewelry Toolkit with Kate at Northern Lights!  Pendant prices start at $175.00
Call Northern Lights to reserve your complimentary session today.  (970) 229-9167
Kate King 
Kate King is a Kinaesthetic Clairvoyant who as a result of a personal health crisis, was drawn to explore gemstones and vibrational healing. The result was the creation of a stunning line of vibrational jewelry based on quantum physics. Wearing powerful gemstones on our physical body changes our rate of vibration and thus empowers us.  Kate King offers a large selection of Vibrational Gemstone Pendants harmonized for every frequency. This harmonization results in increased health, wealth, energy and joy that can be tangibly experienced.  What would you like to enhance? Joy, Abundance, Peace, Serenity, Love, Grounding, Focus....Come in and experience them for yourself.
Sebastian Posern  certified Kate King Vibrational consultant
What about the rest of the year when Kate is not visiting?  We have you covered!  Northern Lights Co-Founder, Sebastian Posern offers Kate King Vibrational Analysis in store every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday or by appointment.
Sebastian has been trained and certified by Kate in her proprietary method of personal frequency analysis, and will assist you in selecting the pendant that is just right for your unique energy signature.

We have a few of Kate's new Gemstones and Pendant Styles listed below, remember this is only a tantalizing fraction of the lovely new collection that Kate will be bringing with her.
Choose your Stone,
Change your State
with Kate King Vibrational Jewelry
Angel Aura Amour Mystic heart pendant. This stone combines the opalescence of Angel Aura Quartz with the Pink Ray of love. It fills the soul with love, peace, serenity and confidence. Powerfully supports, opens and heals the Heart Chakra activating self-love, forgiveness, and emotional support. An excellent stone for anyone that needs assistance with matters of the heart and relationships. — at Northern Lights Crystals, Books and Gifts.
Besednice Moldavite
Lacy and delicate, this is the highest quality and frequency form of Moldavite. It was found in an area the size of a football field in Besednice, Moldovia and was mined out over 10 years ago. When the Meteor fell it bounced off the ground fusing with the unique sand composition to create this delicate form of Moldavite. It fell deep into clay beds which preserved the formations. Often preferred by the Star Children for the higher frequency, many pieces look like images of Angels. It’s sometimes called “Hedgehog” for its beautiful spiky texture. It is very different than regular Moldavite from other areas in the Czech Republic. It is rare, especially in larger pieces. Moldavite is a direct connection to our galactic origins. — at Northern Lights Crystals, Books and Gifts.
Shasta Pink Sapphire
Combining the Pink Ray of love and the Violet Flame of St. Germain. A stone of unconditional love, transmuting negativity into positive energy. Highly protective and centering, it opens the heart and teaches us to love ourselves and others. Cleanses the emotional body overcoming depression and resentment. Enhances self-esteem, self- confidence and happiness.  Assists us in our ascension process of moving from human being into a human becoming divine.— at Northern Lights Crystals, Books and Gifts.

A stunning greenish blue color that dances with life, our “Paraiba Effect Spinel” is associated with the energy of Atlantis and Lemeuria. It ignites joy, optimism, and truth. Many of us feel we cannot be who we truly are. The frequency of this stone invites you to walk your true path with grace and empowerment. Assists in communication, opening the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It links us to the Angels of joy and abundance. They promote inner-strength, compassion, and connection with ancient wisdom. A stunning stone both visually and energetically. Discovered in 1989 in Paraiba, Brazil, Earth Grown Paraiba Tourmaline is very rare. It is the most expensive of the Tourmalines and is treasured for its beauty and power.
Tranquility Mystic Quartz   emanates the Turquoise Ray that nurtures the emotions and assists in understanding the soul’s path.  It is excellent for removing stress and negativity.  It bathes the emotions in a relaxing and joyful energy.  Assists in speaking your truth with love.  Combined with the Golden Ray of Jupiter and the Sun.  The Golden Ray activates success, joy, health and financial abundance.
Sunstar Mystic Quartz
This stone combines the Violet Ray of spirituality and protection, the Pink Ray that attracts love and opens the heart.  The Golden Ray of Godhead energy and abundance.  The Orange Ray that activates joy and heals the emotional body. It heals, recharges and motivates by dissolving negative emotions, removing fear and doubt. Acts as an emotional battery that infuses joy, optimism and vitality. Assists in opening to Divine inspiration and create confidence to fulfill your dreams. Dissolves negativity and heals stressful relationships.
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